RTR Suppliers, Inc. is an industry leading refrigerant specialist for sales, buyback, recovery, reclamation, disposal, testing containers and more.


  • GET PAID TO DISPOSE OF YOUR REFRIGERANT - in an EPA compliant manner.
  • BUYBACK PROGRAM - Our Refrigerant Recovery Buyback Program pays you a competitive rate for your used/surplus refrigerant, whether it is a CFC, HCFC, or a HFC.
  • CYLINDERS - We provide cylinders or drums to help expedite the process.
  • OPTION 1 - Have the sale value of your used/surplus refrigerant applied toward the purchase of your new refrigerant and services.
  • OPTION 2 - We will pay you directly.
  • QUOTE - Contact us for a competitive quote.


  • EPA CERTIFIED - RTR Suppliers is an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP - Reclamation enables recovered refrigerant to be 're-processed' and reused. This reduces the impact of new refrigerant production on the environment.
  • DOCUMENTATION - We provide an EPA Compliant Refrigerant Processing Report upon completion of the reclaiming/disposal process for your records.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Reclamation to ARI-700 standards for reuse.
  • GET PAID TO DISPOSE OF YOUR REFRIGERANT - in an EPA compliant manner. Ask about our BUYBACK PROGRAM


  • QUICK & EFFICIENT - RTR specializes in recovering refrigerant from your existing system.
  • USA & PUERTO RICO - We provide refrigerant recovery services throughout the US and Puerto Rico.
  • EPA CERTIFIED - Our equipment and technicians are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified.
  • SERVICING for large tonnage chillers, Roof Top Units (RTU’s), supermarket rack systems, liquid overfeed systems and more.
  • MULTIPLE MACHINES - RTR can recover refrigerant from multiple machines at the same time.
  • UNOBTRUSIVE - We efficiently meet your needs, while allowing your technicians to continue their responsibilities.


    • We offer in-house testing using gas chromatography.
    • Fast turn-around and reporting.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Used refrigerant must be at least 99.5% pure to meet ARI-700 specifications for reclaiming.
    • Contaminants such as moisture, air, or acid can hinder the performance of your equipment.
    • Testing will help you determine the condition of your refrigerant which will allow you to determine if your equipment is operating optimally.
  • INDEPENDENT LAB - Refrigerant testing and reporting by an independent AHRI lab is available. RTR provides you with sample cylinders.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY - When you need to safely dispose of mixed, used, and virgin refrigerants, you need a company that’s approved to handle the disposal in a compliant and environmentally friendly manner.
  • RTR Suppliers is an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclamation Company with expertise in safe, eco-friendly refrigerant disposal.
  • After testing, should your used refrigerant not meet purity specs, it will be sent off to an independent EPA Certified disposal facility for incineration.
  • Refrigerant disposal requires careful compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines in order to minimize the risk of destroying the environment.


  • RTR provides a wide variety of U.S. DOT - Department of Transportation approved refrigerant recovery cylinders.
  • All cylinders are shipped in a vacuum and are accompanied with the appropriate labels and paperwork for proper shipping.
  • For high or low pressure recovery jobs, cylinders are provided.
  • RENT OR BUY - Cylinders are also available for purchase or rent.
  • All recovery cylinders and drums are painted gray and yellow to comply with AHRI Guideline K.


  • CHILLER PREP for removal
  • CHILLER REMOVAL (rigging), etc.
  • REMOVAL & DISPOSAL of used and surplus equipment
  • TRANSPORTATION - HAZMAT-Certified Transportation of refrigerant and equipment
  • HEAVY HAUL TRANSPORT - RTR can provide heavy haul transportation of large chillers and package units.
  • OFF-SITE RECOVERY - Let us recover your refrigerant at OUR LOCATION which saves the contractor time on the job.
    • No more waiting for on-site refrigerant recovery.
    • EPA documentation will be provided for your record keeping.


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