The Bible and Constitution Made America Great

The Plan to Restore the Foundation of America

A book for Christians and American citizens by Scot Wolf.

About the Author

In American Society:

    • The Bible is a guide for the life of the individual.

    • The Constitution provides the rules for the national government established by the people.

Book Cover: America as a great nation is represented by its flag and a majestic eagle, its national symbol. The nation stands on its foundation of the Bible and the Constitution. The Bible shown is the Aitken Bible, the first to be printed in colonial America. The Constitution was written in 1787.

This book is dedicated to the brave men and women who have served in America's armed forces, from the Revolutionary War to today's War on Terror. They have fought and sacrificed so the rest of us may remain free to enjoy our liberties.

Chapter Synopsis

A book for Christians and American citizens.

A Book for Christians and American Citizens. The Bible and Constitution should both be read and interpreted as written in proper context.

The book can be read as a complete work or by stand alone chapters/topics. The main sections are:

- Explaining the Bible with focus on pop culture misconceptions about God and Christianity and what the Bible states about government.

- Documenting the religious heritage of America.

- The US Constitution with emphasis on the freedoms it offers. How the nation ignores parts of it, and how to return to it.

- Biblical and constitutional teaching on: abortion, homosexuality, slavery and immigration.

- Solutions to return the federal government to its constitutional role.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Free Will from God, Liberty from Government – God created humans with free will. A good government should protect and promote free will of its citizens.

Chapter 3. Creation and Evolution: Two Competing Theories – The author believes there is stronger evidential support for Creation, but neither can be proven with scientific method. Is God the Creator?

Chapter 4. God’s Death Penalty – God the Creator has the power and authority to administer this sanction on His creation.

Chapter 5. The Bible on Holy War – Put the book of Joshua into proper context. Christ teaches evangelism via peaceful teaching. This is not as true with Islam, which has used Jihad to spread.

Chapter 6. The Old Testament Government Established by God – Review of the government established by God with the Mosaic Law.

Chapter 7. God’s New Covenant – In the New Testament, followers of God live in many countries under many governments.

Chapter 8. The Rich and The Poor – What the Bible states about wealth and poverty. Where does the Constitution place anti-poverty programs? Has the federal government succeeded in the “war on poverty”?

Chapter 9. Taxation in the Bible – What kinds of taxes are in the Bible? Did Jesus endorse paying high taxes to Caesar?

Chapter 10. America’s Religious Christian Heritage – Religion and faith is present in America’s founding documents and monuments.

Chapter 11. Religion and Choice in Schools – Religion used to be taught in schools. School curriculum should be decided locally, with parents having the ability to choose the school their children attend.

Chapter 12. United States Constitution – A review of the founding document that defines the scope of the national government. It is a contract between the citizens and their government.

Chapter 13. Freedom of Religion, First Amendment – How an amendment that prevents the federal government from controlling religious expression, has been abused by judges to control religious expression.

Chapter 14. Judges and Senators – Judges have distorted the Constitution, but Senators place those judges on the courts. Shouldn’t citizens hold their senators responsible for the judges they confirm?

Chapter 15. Abortion in the Bible and Constitution – What the Bible and Constitution state about this divisive topic.

Chapter 16. Homosexuality and Marriage – Homosexual acts are sins, but should the government prosecute them? Never before in history has a same-sex relationship been called “marriage”, much less been recognized as one by governments.

Chapter 17. Slavery in the Bible and America – Genesis teaches our common ancestry. Slavery goes against God’s plan for human free will. America’s struggle to abolish the practice.

Chapter 18. Immigration and The American Ideal – Historically, immigrants flocked to America to embrace her Constitution and the freedoms the nation offered. Is that still true today, or is there a goal to “change” America?

Chapter 19. The Federal Government’s Financial Crisis – Lists many examples of the incompetence of the federal government’s spending. When does the government debt really harm the nation?

Chapter 20. The Solution: Return to The Constitution – The federal government’s overspending problem can best be solved by transferring many responsibilities to the states, where the Constitution placed them.

Chapter 21. Health Care Cost Crisis and Solution – Does government involvement cause healthcare costs to increase? How to make healthcare affordable.

Chapter 22. Social Security – The demographics allowed politicians make themselves look caring while they over-promised citizens. How to fix the program.

Chapter 23. Political Bias in the News Media – Anecdotal and quantitative examples of the media choosing political sides and the effect it has on elections.

Chapter 24. Christians No Longer Welcome in Democrat Party – Bible following Christians that is. Sadly party leaders have booed God at their convention, embraced sinful acts in their platform, and verbally attacked Christian businesses.

Chapter 25. Federal Elections: Return to the Constitution – Americans can only return to the Constitution by voting for those representatives who will follow it.

Chapter 26. Summary