RSS West Midlands Local Group

The West Midlands Local Group (WMLG) of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) arranges an annual programme of mostly general interest talks and sponsors statistical events intended to appeal to anyone with an interest in statistics and its applications.

We hold four meetings each year: two at the University of Warwick (on Thursdays, 5–6pm) and two at the University of Birmingham (on Wednesdays, 4–5pm). Tea and coffee are provided before each seminar and wine and cheese afterwards.

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View our calendar for details of our current programme of events. This information will also be circulated on the RSS web site and Allstat. If you have any questions, please e-mail the Honorary Secretary (David Selby).

The group has a long history spanning over 70 years. Find out more about the history of the Royal Statistical Society in the West Midlands by visiting our anniversary page.



Murray Pollock (Warwick)

Honorary Secretary

David Selby (Warwick)


Peter Kimani (Warwick)

Committee members

Giuliana Battisti (Warwick)

Tim Davis (Warwick)

Kenneth Lim (Warwick)

Nicola Reeve (Leicester)

Jia Shao (Coventry)

Alice Sitch (Birmingham)

Nicholas Sofroniou (Warwick)

Ben Swallow (Warwick)