2023 Pioneers

We are pleased to announce the 30 PhD students, postdocs, and industry research scientists who have been accepted to this year's Pioneers Workshop.

[random sorting--the most computationally inexpensive way to sort, plus it reduces bias]

Thomas Weng

Ki Myung Brian Lee

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Prospection for Robot Autonomy under Uncertainty

Sihui Li

Colorado School of Mines, USA

Proving Infeasibility in Motion Planning

Roee M. Francos

Nare Karapetyan

University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Algorithmic and Field Robotics for Environmental Monitoring

Mahdieh Nejati Javaremi

Northwestern University, USA

Interface-Aware Robotic Assistance

Youcan Yan

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), France

Towards skin-comparable tactile sensing for robotics

Yide Liu

Rachael Bevill Burns

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany

Creating a Haptic Empathetic Robot Animal for Children with Autism

Matthew Fontaine

Hassan A.H. Fouad

Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

Energy Sufficiency for Multi-robot Systems

Zhongyu Li

Rachel Holladay

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Developing Multi-Step Robotic Dexterity