Research School on Statistics and Data Science 2019

La Trobe University, Melbourne, 24–26 JulY

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Data has become the new oil of the 21st century. The collection, examination and modelling of today's data has become a valuable and much sought after skillset for businesses and large enterprises seeking the next generation of data science professionals.

Currently one of the top paid technology jobs, data science is at the heart of many of the top Fortune 500 companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix and Tesla. The potential for impact in the new data driven world is limitless.

The Research School on Statistics and Data Science 2019 (RSSDS2019) provides a series of lectures and posters delivered by experienced academic and industry members on the cutting edge statistics and data science applications and theory.

Aside from being considered among the most desirable jobs of the 21st century, the real world value of data science and skilled data scientists cannot be understated. The most successful data science professionals are those who can hone the power of statistics, programming, domain knowledge and data visualisation.

Statistics, Data Science, and allied fields such as AI and Machine Learning are rapidly growing, and the improvement of data analysis and enrichment will enable individuals to make world changing developments.

The workshops at RSSDS2019 will empower current and upcoming data scientists (and enthusiasts) with new knowledge, understanding and exploration into many varied and interesting data domains, alongside the opportunity to network with many others involved at various levels in the exciting data science scene.

Research School on Statistics and Data Science 2019

24–26 July, 2019

This year, the research school will be held at the Institute for Advance Study, at La Trobe University.

  • The event will run all day, between 24th–26th of July, 2019.
  • Morning and afternoon tea will be served in between sessions on each day, and a social gathering will be hosted on the evening of the first day.
  • A workshop dinner will also be hosted on the evening of the second day.

The format of the workshop aims to encourage the maximum amount of social interaction between participants as to lead to the highest levels of collaborations and network building for all attendees.

Submissions for RSSDS2019

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The conference aims to foster communication and collaboration between researchers in statistics and data science, across the spectra of career stages and nationalities, representing a diverse subset of society.

As such, we have organised a broad range of speakers who arise from different backgrounds at varying levels of academia.

These include the following confirmed presenters:

For more on these speakers and talk topics, please click HERE.

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