Regional Stormwater Protection Team

Welcome to the RSPT Google Site

This Google Site is an editable website providing a place for RSPT members to share meeting notes, event information, educational materials, and more. If you have suggestions for using the space more effectively, or have trouble with the site, please let us know!

We encourage you to check out the RSPT page and the "What's New" page for additional resources, updoming events, and information tailored to a public audience.

-Andrea & John

RSPT Co-Chairs

The RSPT mission is to protect and enhance the region's shared water resources through stormwater pollution prevention by providing coordinated educational programs and technical assistance. Team members are committed to preventing and resolving issues of mutual concern for environmental protection on a regional watershed scale.

Clean Stormwater is Superior Water!

Read the RSPT Memorandum of Understanding - Revised 6/1/2020