Special Treasures of Useful Fashions and Furnitures (S.T.U.F.F) Thrift Store is a shopping place where we believe in offering the inventory with values as affordable as the price of a fast food.

Every day, new items are added to the inventory, and in addition to a surprise variety of special discounts, it will make your shopping experience become much exciting.

Information about special discounts within S.T.U.F.F. Thrift Store


  • Every Tuesday for Seniors (55+) and Veterans
  • Every Saturday for items over $1

S.T.U.F.F Thrift Store has been supporting the community of Mesa since 1999 and contributing to the Resurrection Street Ministry, Inc. (RSM) for providing food, services, and work opportunities to the Arizona residents in need. 98% of the profits from the store will be used to support RSM’s Food Pantry and various outreach programs along with group home residents in recovery homes.


S.T.U.F.F. Thrift Store accepts all types of reusable items from household furnitures and appliances to books and movies.

We also offer a service to transport items that you would like to donate without having to struggle physically getting the items to our location.

We also provides free clothes and other accessible items for citizens who are eligible in any of the following:

  • Senior (65 and over)
  • Veteran who have disabilities or low income
  • Homelessness


We also accept old but functional vehicles that you can donate to us. RSM and S.T.U.F.F. Thrift Store would like to thank our partner, Vehicles For Charity, for assisting with us and our volunteers to allow everyone to contribute in vehicle donation.

80% of your vehicle’s values will be utilized to provide services to our neighbors.


Another way to shop is via Giving Assistant, where all online purchases you buy will be donated to maintaining RSM accessible for everyone within Arizona.

Reach out to us if you would like to donate your items.