International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Industry

Welcome to the International Workshop AI-Fashion 2018

With the rapid expansion of e-commerce for different fashion products, particularly affecting clothing companies, there is a need to take advantage of the ongoing technological advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence and thus, both help the user to dress better and support the development of fashionable smart clothing.

AI-Fashion 2018 will take place at Naples, Italy, 27th of March 2018, in conjunction with the WorldCist'18. We invite you to participate and contribute to the AI-Fashion 2018 for the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date knowledge. through the following modes of communication: Keynote presentation, paper sessions. Full and short papers accepted and registered will be published in Proceedings by Springer.

The workshop AI-Fashion 2018 aims to gather people from academia, industry, and startups working to foster discussion on technological innovations in the design and development for solutions related to clothing, both in terms of recommendation for fashion and biometrics. On the one hand, we aim to explore several topics on fashion recommendation, for instance, how to help people find clothing items suit to their body features and personalities, combining with their tastes and preferences. On the other hand, biometrics can be used to provide smart solutions that can take into account the state of the user, such as emotions, physical activity, etc. as well as guide the user in personalized way when carrying out complex motor skills.

In this context, we specifically aim to explore a diversity of topics from the area of Artificial Intelligence, such as machine learning, data mining, computer vision, image processing, wearable robotics and others. Thus, we intend to form an international research community and to identify the opportunities and challenges existing in this novel research arena, pointing at new research avenues in the clothing domain enhanced by technology, starting the topic Technology Enhanced Dressing.