Remote Rendezvous for Quantum Topologists

Welcome to the Remote Rendezvous for Quantum Topologists (RRQT). This online conference will be held August 9-13, 2021. The aim of RRQT is to bring together researchers in areas related to quantum topology for an online conference. The format will feature ten research talks delivered by early career researchers to be viewed asynchronously by the audience. Throughout the week there will be some structured live events on Zoom along with plenty of time left open for discussions and interactions among participants. Graduate students are especially encouraged to attend.

To register for the conference, please use the following form:

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Please send any questions to the conference organizers at rrqt2021@gmail.com.

Rhea Palak Bakshi (The George Washington University)Colleen Delaney (Indiana University)Daniel Douglas (Yale University)Matthieu Faitg (University of Hamburg)Sam Gunningham (Montana State & University of Edinburgh)Sujoy Mukherjee (The Ohio State University)Cristina Ana-Maria Anghel (University of Oxford)Anup Poudel (University of Iowa)Ying Hong Tham (Stony Brook University)Ka Ho Wong (Texas A&M University)

When available, the program of talk titles and abstracts can be viewed here.

Conference Organizers:
Wade Bloomquist (Georgia Tech)Vijay Higgins (UC Santa Barbara)Sanjay Kumar (Michigan State University)

See also: Conference participants may also be interested in the conference "Perspectives on quantum link homology theories" which is to be held August 13-15 and is organized by Lukas Lewark and Claudius Zibrowius.