Our Partners


A Top Chinese Brand, Chint, possesses a 30-year heritage in the business and is presently the largest manufacturer and seller of low-voltage electrical products in China. With an estimate annual revenue of US$ 6 Billion, Chint is present in over 90 countries, and boasts of various product lines to include power transmissions and distribution equipment, low voltage products, instruments and meters, building automation, PV power systems and modules, and automobile parts, to name a few. Committed to quality and innovation, Chint owns hundreds of patents worldwide, and holds numerous distinctions from International Bodies. Among its certifications include: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and (ICE) CB, UL, FL, CEBEC, KEMA and VDE as well. Chint’s quality has been accredited by the Top 250 International Contractors.

Schneider Electric

Founded in the 1830s during the 1st Industrial Revolution, Schneider Electric boasts of 180+ years of innovation. It is the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings and other industries. The company has a global foot print and is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of switches and electrical outlets, circuit breakers and enclosures, energy meters, low to medium voltage products and systems, to name a few. Schneider Electric is part of the Fortune Global 500 companies.