rowena reddragon

Sauntering My Ass Out Of Patriarchy

The Definitive Adventure Manual

Reality is limited by our imagination 

and shaped by that we fear

Book 1

Murder is For Amateurs

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Advanced Book Reviews

Rowena Reddragon

Sauntering My Ass Out Of Patriarchy

The Definitive Adventure Manual

Book 2

Of Lovers & Luggage

A Shopping Guide

Way of the Witch

Book 3

Business Model: Bribery

Debugging Currency

Way of the Water

Book 4

Rowena Saunters Into A Bar

How Not To Be A Pesky Tourist

Way of the Bamboo

Book 5

Release the Krakens

Boobs Are Not The Enemy

Way of the Dragon

Book 6

Rowena Vanishes

The Missing Months

Way of the Lake

Book 7

My Four Ex-Husbands

The Confession

Way of The Spider

Video Teaser  BOOK 2

How to Dump Consumerism Like An Old Boyfriends

Video Teaser BOOK 7

My 4 Ex Husbands

Beyond The Books

Network Support Projects


What if we can travel light and in style?

High standard, low maintenance gear

by local artisans for the graceful traveller

Back when blogs were cool,  right after i quit the beauty industry,  I wrote this blog exposing the bullshit that goes inside the beauty industry.  

Non monetized and critically acclaimed.

Angry and sweary.   

Not for the faint of heart.

How to dump consumerism 

like an old boyfriend.

Consumerism is a frame of mind.  Here is a talk I made explaining  how we can get out of the consumerism mindset.  

A prelude to the girlsquad virtual to irl adventure game

Enabling Inventors

My day job.

Partner of The Planet

Circular collaboration protocol for creative, enterprise and community


Guardianship of land

Currency of time

Blockchain trading technology

Without The Greed

Book 3