Ride With The Big Boys In The Stock Market

With Operator Analysis

What is Operator Analysis?

"Using a very unique approach to trade in the market, and most importantly it make profits!"

by Ong S. Foo, Selangor

We’ve developed our very own Operator Analysis specially for Malaysia Stock Market.

We spend long hours analyzing the big boys' transaction patterns from accumulation, price push up, until distribution.

You will be able to identify the big boy's intention with Operator Analysis & ride with the big boys in the stock market from the their accumulation point.

revealing the truth of stock market

We have experienced the same problem with technical analysis & indicators like many of you.

False signal, trapped in resistance breakout, & the exit timing is inaccurate.

Until we understand the force of price movement is the big boys intention. Then we finally found the answer why technical analysis is not effective.

It's because all of the price formations are a setup by big boys.

"Effective and lively delivery, simple, colourful charts, clear explanation of concepts with actual situations on charts, generous sharing of strategies that are useful and not available in the books or elsewhere."

By Tan L.Hein, Singapore

Never trapped at the high price again

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You will never get trapped at the high price after understanding the big boys operation. Your entry will be at the same time when big boys start to pump up the price after their accumulation.

Watch the video below and you will want to learn how to identify big boys accumulation and ride along with them.

Explore the potential of having the ability to identify big boys accumulation

Everyone will benefit from the big boys


If you don't know where to start in selecting the right stocks. Save your time & learn the right way to trade or invest in the stock market by following the big boys.

Value Growth Investors

Not sure when is the right time to add on for your investment?

Analyze the big boys transaction data to find out price bottoms when big boys are coming back in.

Chartist Traders

We understand the frustration of getting caught in a failed breakout & price rebound after cut loss.

Operator Analysis will help you to understand the big boys intention & will not shake off by big boys or fall into their trap anymore.

Course details

6 months training course

"We are committed to trained you until you achieve your goal"

1st Month

Complete Theory classes

    • Setup initial capital

    • Familiarize Entry rules & Exit Rules

    • Familiar with Price & Volume action

2nd Month

Master Identifying Accumulation

  • Practice Accumulation Exit rules

  • Practice Accumulation Cutloss rules

  • Practice Accumulation Entry rules

3rd Month

Master Short term trade

  • Identify Short term trade opportunity with scanner

  • Practice ST Exit rules

  • Practice ST Cut loss rules

4th Month

Review Performance

  • Emotional management

  • Problems to overcome

  • Trading psychology

5th Month

Master identifying major rebound

    • Able to identify institutional fund supply & demand in big cap stock.

    • Identify short term trading opportunity at the bottom.

    • Learned how to catch the knife from the floor.

6 Month

Master Operator Analysis

  • You will be able to understand & react to big boys.

  • Capable to identify big boys intention and decide entry & exit.

Course Content

Risk Management

    • Emotional Management

    • Find out your risk level &

    • Tailoring the investment capital for you

    • Position sizing for each trade

    • Risk : Reward Ratio

Understanding of Operator Analysis

    • Reading price & volume data.

    • Price action indicate big boys taking profit.

    • Entry rules : Ride with the big boys.

Unique Cut Loss Exit/Take profit Rules

  • Cut loss when big boys pause operation.

  • Exit when the big boys distribute.

  • Minimize your losses close to your entry.

From the bottom to top

  • Identifying accumulation

  • 2nd entry when big boys pump up.

  • Short term trading on rebound

  • Short term trading strategies

    • Apple Tree

    • B&S

"Explanation by speaker very clear and easy to understand and apply it into the real market."

- Tan W. Chuang, Selangor

Our goal is to assist our students to make consistent profit from the stock market by passing on our knowledge

Become a Pro with our Pro Package

Pro Package - 6 months course

  • All training are conducted via webinar

  • 6 months training < weekend class only >

  • 1st weekend of the month < Theory Training >

  • Weekly online training with updated examples from the market < 3 hours per webinar >

  • You have no reason to miss any class < 6 months access to training course recording & monthly theory training >

  • 6 months SI Station live charting software with our screener built-in.

  • 6 months WhatsApp support to assist in your learning.

  • Start learning with our recorded video before the next intake!


  • Weekly Pre-open market live webinar (Day-trading course). *for Kelvin's trading account clients only*

Full Course Price

RM 4,188 only

Monthly Subscription

RM 715/mth

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