Student Opportunities

Research, Clinical, & Volunteer Programs

Research Opportunities

Conducting and participating in research is a great way to show off your skills in psychology. This is especially good for students who wish to apply for graduate school in research psychology (social or cognitive psychology, neuroscience, etc).

Join Psi Chi or the Psychology Club at UC Merced, which regularly participates in research projects

Become a research assistant for a professor at UC Merced

Conduct research as part of the Engineering Service Learning class at UC Merced​

    • Engineering Service Learning is actually open to all students (and is popular among psychology and cognitive science majors). The program gets students together to conduct and publish independent research in a topic of their choosing. Click here to find out more information.

Conduct an independent research project​​

    • An independent research project can be conducted on any topic of your choosing. Simply contact a faculty member and ask them to be your adviser. You can work on the project for college credit, or simply conduct it in order to present at research conferences. This option offers you the most freedom to research whatever you desire.

Clinical Opportunities

Internships and volunteering in clinical or social-welfare settings is a great way to show off your interpersonal skills. This is especially good for students who wish to apply to graduate school in clinical psychology or counseling.

You can volunteer at any community service center. These can include childcare centers, senior centers, or mental health centers. Some local options are listed below. You can contact any of them and ask if they are accepting volunteers.

For a full-time position working with those with mental illness. These facilities usually require that psychology students to have completed at least 60 undergraduate credit units.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in any way that helps the community is a great way to show your passion for community intervention and helping others.

Local Volunteer Organizations