PDFs of Basic PID Operation

Online Resources

  • rosinome.com - store with Rosinome PID controllers and other useful DIY press-related materials\

Useful lab- and rosin-related tools and consumables:

  • Kim Wipes - delicate task-wipes, clean and lint-free tissues; good for cleaning glass and other metal surfaces; staple in wet laboratories (online link)

  • Parafilm "M" - laboratory film, waxy strips for sealing jars etc, long-lasting, air-tight, disposable, easily cut-to-size (online link)

  • LA HighLife Swabs - oil-soaking paper towel material, highly absorbent, pre-cut to a convenient size for cleaning in small spaces (online link)

  • Peltier device - (Adafruit) small cooling/heating element that runs on 12V (1-5A) for situations where rapid and brief pulses of cold or heat are needed quickly (requires 12V power source) (online link)

  • Variable power source (useful for powering peltier device above, etc) (online link)