Rosie and the Time Thief

Rosie and the Time Thief

 Begin the exciting adventure through History and Maths with the first book in the series 'The King's Seal'.  Schoolgirl Rosie finds herself thrown into a hectic pursuit of an evil Time Thief hellbent on destroying History.  Guided by the Time Spirit Gryn she uses her wits and skills to chase the missing Time Map to try to keep the past and the future safe.

Each book in the series has a Maths and a History theme and embedded throughout is a secret code which readers must decipher in order to discover the Secret Chapter on this website.  

For parents and schools there are worksheets which link to each book downloadable from the individual book's web page.



The series

The King's Seal

Nefertiti's Pendant

Mercun and Mary

An Unexpected Ally

The Ring of War

The Oxford Witch