Memories are our recollection of past events, and all of us have memories worth sharing. The Roots of Braggtown community mural project will use memories of Braggtown residents past and present as artwork for the mural. Dr. Charles Denton Johnson, Director of the Public History Program at North Carolina Central University, is assisting the Braggtown Mural Committee in collecting oral histories. Local persons interested in giving an oral interview should contact Georie Bryant at (919) 633-2747 or by email at

Below you will find a questionnaire to follow to contribute your memories for the Braggtown Mural Project. Beneath the questionnaire is a link to, which is an online application that will allow you to record your answers to the below questions using a computer. It will not work from a telephone or tablet.


What is your full name?

When were you born?

Where were you born?

Who is your family?

Does your family have ties to Stagville? If so, what are those connections?

When did you move to Braggtown?

What was your address in Braggtown?

How would you describe Braggtown to someone who has never been there before?

What makes Braggtown different from any other part of Durham?

What do you value most about Braggtown?

Describe a memorable event that happened in Braggtown?

Who were some of the memorable residents of Braggtown and why were they memorable?

What do you think more people should know or remember about Braggtown?

What do you hope that Braggtown will look like in ten years? In a hundred years?

Please share freely your thoughts on Braggtown.


Online Voice Recorder is a free application that will allow you to use your computer to record your memories onto an MP3 file that can be uploaded to the Braggtown Community. Please follow these instructions.

These are the instructions for using

  1. Find a quiet area where you will not be disturbed.
  2. From a computer, open
  3. Click the red record button to begin the recording and answer the questions in the questionnaire.
  4. You may pause the recording by selecting the pause button that appears after selecting the record button. To begin recording again after a pause click the pause button again.
  5. To end the recording press the red record button again. You may then either listen your recording or save it.
  6. Once you click Save, will immediately download your recording to your default download folder. The name of the file will be "record hyphen the date and time." For example, record-3-15-2019_1-03-08.mp3.
  7. Using the Recording Upload Form below, upload your recording to the Braggtown Mural Committee.


If you prefer not to use the Online-Voice-Recorder, you can use any digital recording application or device that will record your voice and save your statements to a digital file that you can share via the Recording Upload Form below. Here are the general steps involved.

  1. Find a digital recording device or application that can save and share your recording.
  2. Make sure you understand how the device functions including how to share your recording.
  3. Using the device or application, answer the questions from the above questionnaire.
  4. Save the recording to a computer with Internet access.
  5. Open the Recording Upload Form below, navigate to your file, and upload your file.