Free Wellbeing Sessions Sunday 8.30-9.30pm GMT 3rd,10th, 17th and 24th May

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Say NO to Anxiety & Stay Calm

During these historical moments, we are observing the amount of anxiety people are going through and therefore we have gathered as a group to support you by offering free wellbeing sessions (For 4 Sunday's Sunday beginning 3rd May). We are a group of friends from different professions (doctors, psychologist and psychotherapists, counsellors, life and business coach) who have had their challenges in life which prompted us to explore different ways to help ourselves.

We will talk about the importance of seeking strength and resources from within, reducing negative thoughts and effects of stress/anxiety on emotional, mental and physical health.

In addition, there will be tips on how to rediscover/enhance your innate qualities such as inner peace, joy & creativity by understanding how our nervous system works and how to balance ourselves by using simple techniques.

The sessions are designed to cover a mix of topics:

  1. How our brains are finding it difficult to cope with the increasing complexity of modern life.

  2. How chronic stress affects our health. Importance of shifting our attention from negative to positive thoughts

  3. How scientific research supports the evidence that negative thoughts and thinking activity in general impacts our wellbeing

  4. How our innate qualities of joy, security, creativity can be rediscovered and empowered to the benefit of our general wellbeing.

Every session will consist of:

  1. A short presentation

  2. Two short mental silence/meditation exercises

  3. Questions and answers

  4. Tips and techniques

The Well-being team

Dr Alexendra Hadjimichalis (Registrar in Palliative medicine), Dr Marius Iulian (Paediatrician), Caterina Nicolosi (Psychotherapist), Dr Cristina Bruce (GP), Dr Sangita Thakur (GP and Acute Medical Physician), Dr Preeti Bala (Consultant radiologist), Dr Adam Morgan (Psychologist), Dr Shalini Singh (Research oncologist), Michela Cavalletti Dhingra (Life and Business coach), Dr Yogesh kumar (General surgeon), Andre Petrolo (Trainee psychotherapist, Didier Laurent (Osteopath), Dr Ashwini Kumar, (Consultant radiologist), Dr Cristina, Dr. Eva Svobodová (Ambulance internist), Valeria Berchicci (Executive trainer and leadership Coach), Dr Vijayshree, Maurizio Zollo (Professor of Strategy and Sustainability), Dr Sujata Kenjale Tommasi (consultant in Ayurveda)

Zoom Session Schedule

Please download the ZOOM app before the sessions and try to join 5 mins before as only 100 participants can attend at a time. Please contact Renuka Tank or Shalini Singh or Marius Iulian on if you have a question or if don't manage to enter the session due to limited availability

  • 4 main sessions (Introduction, explanations, interactions, Q& A and meditation and tips) 8.30-9.30PM Every Sunday for 4 weeks beginning 3rd May

  • Everyday short guided meditation 8.30-9pm

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