Romford VTS

Romford Trainers Group consists of a collection of training practices extending across the east of the Region - in a corridor from inner city Dagenham to the edge of the M25.

We offer a wide range of experience from small to large practices. Romford and Hornchurch are old English towns, each with their own unique character.

The individual practices all provide specific advantages and include a Beacon practice appointed for its work on the computerised patient record.

There is an excellent half-day release course at MySpace Harold Hill which all our registrars are encouraged to attend.

We share a commitment to the highest standards of medical education and meet regularly as a group to discuss the latest advances in this field. This web site will allow you a brief overview of the structure of our practices. Many link further into the individual practice webs where a more complete picture can be obtained. Please click on "Trainers Information" at the top of this page to link to the practices.

We hope you will be interested in coming to see us - we know that we can offer you an enjoyable and stimulating passage on your voyage of discovery into general practice.

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