ROLLING Research Group

The Research Group on Language and Linguistics (ROLLING) was established by Isabel Oltra-Massuet (PI) in 2016 at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona).

We are an interdisciplinary and heterogeneous research group within the Department of English and German Studies and the Department of Catalan Studies that aims to conduct research on language and linguistics from a formal and theoretical point of view, as well as from an applied and experimental perspective. Our main research lines are a contrastive approach to argument structure and the morphology-syntax-lexicon-semantics interface; and linguistic variation and language acquisition in monolingual, bilingual and bidialectal speakers on the basis of acceptability judgments and other elicitation techniques. We also carry out research in sociolinguistics, phraseology, neology and language teaching.

Much of our work involves collaborative projects with other international research groups, to engage with intellectual discussion and provide academic training based on current research in the field of linguistics to future generations. We are open to set new collaborations with the international linguistics community.