Results and Downloads!

Thank you, everybody who took part in one-week Roll and Write Global Jam 2018! We hope you had fun and found the project to be inspiring. We had several messages from entrants who explained that this was their first time designing a game, which was just delightful to read!

Thank you to our judges, who took on the huge task of playing and ranking the games. We had 56 entries and most judges took between 15 and 20 games each, to play, rate and provide feedback. No small task!

If you entered a game, keep your eyes peeled for feedback from the judges and survey to complete, coming within the next week or so. For general feedback, Joey and Robin have put together a few comments about general trends, which you can find here.

Now on to the winners!

First place winner:

Candy Craze

Designed by Lance Schricke and Theo Strempel.

This trick-or-treating game has a gamut of cool ideas and fantastic implementation of theme, all while remaining easy to understand, highly interactive, and fun! The judges really enjoyed the push-your-luck mechanic, the spatial puzzle, and the use of a communal board.


Lance and Theo win a copy of Tag City, by Runes Editions, and Movable Type, by Uncanny Cardboard.

Second Place Winner:

Rake and Roll

Designed by David Abelson.

Very simple rules, but with loads of interesting choices to make under the hood. It takes the tired-old Yahtzee mechanic, but reinvigorates it with fresh ideas. Players are rolling dice, raking leaves and scoring points. Beautifully presented (though judges don't give points for that, we promise) and very thematic.


David wins a copy of Movable Type.

Third Place Winner:

Rolling Orchards

Designed by Robert Edwards.

This game ticks all the boxes, with lots of player interaction, multiple scoring opportunities, and mechanics that feel refined and polished.


Robert wins a copy of Movable Type.

Innovation Award:


Designed by Laura and Nora Peterson.

A game that has players drawing pumpkin patches. The rules are simple, but it plays with new ideas, rather than relying on established mechanics. It feels so charismatic, encouraging players to get creative while the play!

Laura and Nora win a copy of Ancient Artifacts, provided by Derik Duley.

We will share a link to the game if Laura and Nora grant permission.

the prizes

Prize: Tag City

Tag City is a premium roll-and-write game, designed by Robin David and published by Runes Editions. Players are graffiti taggers racing to tag sections of the city the fastest. Dice determine graffiti shapes that let players tag whole blocks at a time. If they finish a district or stretch of the city first, they brag about it to earn prestige! Once the battle is over, only the very best tagger will be remembered!

Tag City will be released at Essen 2018.

Copy provided by Runes Editions.

prize: movable type

OK - this one isn't a roll and write! Movable Type is a card-drafting, word-building game, designed by Robin David and published by Uncanny Cardboard. You can think of it like Scrabble meets Sushi Go. Over a series of 4 rounds, players draft cards, score words, and build a victory pile. Impressive words may also earn the player author challenge cards, which give a variety of immediate and lasting abilities. In the final round, the victory piles provide letters for final mega-words and provides players with a chance to win. Movable Type rewards savvy planning - not just an extensive knowledge of words!

Three copies provided by Robin David.

Prize: Ancient artifacts

Ancient Artifacts is a tactical dice game designed by Derik Duley and published by Lagniappe Games. Ancient Artifacts is played over a series of rounds in which players draw dice from a bag to select their action and location. Then, they roll the dice and try to avoid raiders, while completing various sets, runs, or combinations depending on the action chosen. Complete every action at each location to find the ancient artifacts!

Copy provided by Derik Duley.

Prize: Twenty One

Twenty One is designed by Steffen Benndorf and Reinhard Staupe and published by Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag.

Five copies provided by Joey Schouten and are going to random participants.

By random draw, the winners are: Mike Belsole & Grace Kendall, A. Gerald Fitzsimons, Marc Kirkland, Andrew Spohn, and Matthew Evans.

honorable mentions

pixel trees

Designed by Dean Morris

Dice drafting and tetromino puzzles! (Selected by Joey)


turkey day dice

Designed by Jason Levine

A real-time roll and write is very unusual! Well presented, great use of theme, and easy to grasp rules. (Selected by Robin)



Designed by Nat Levan

Excellent use of theme, a rich level of gameplay and solid player interaction. (Selected by Board Game Minimalist)



More Games!

There were so many high quality entries - too many to draw attention to in this page. We would like to thank, once again, everybody who took the time to take part in the jam. Here you can find downloads for games whose designers have agreed to share them. Expect more to be added as more designers get back to us with permission. In no particular order and without further ado: