Roll-AND-Write Jam Details

And we're off!

You have one week to make a simple roll-and-write game. Here are the key details you need!

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The theme is "AUTUMN"

The theme of the game jam will be: Autumn! The time of falling leaves and harvesting, but also the spookiness of Halloween and (dare I say it) pumpkin spice lattes to enjoy as winter approaches. In the northern hemisphere, at least. We would like to see what autumn is about for you. Is it about knitting a sweater or scarf when it gets colder, is it about long hikes through the changing countryside, is it about local festivals that occur this time of year, or is it about something completely different?

You can interpret Autumn however you wish and can use it to influence the theme or mechanics - but it must be in there somewhere!

The Genre is "Roll-and-Write"

If you're new to roll-and-write games, check out our quick history of them and try a few yourself. Beware: there's a rabbit hole of awesome games to fall into!

Component Limitations

Limitations inspire creativity. Here are the limitations for this contest.

Games must use no more than:

  • One A4/Letter size sheet of paper per player for writing on.
  • One A4/Letter size sheet to act as a board, if necessary.
  • One A4/Letter size sheet of paper for the game rules.
  • Six standard six-sided dice in any colour combination.

For all sheets, printing can be in colour and double-sided. No cutting out components is permitted. No custom die faces are permitted. Use only what’s outlined above - this means no pawns, no erasers, no chits, no cards, and so on.

Of course, players will be expected to use pens, and you can determine the colour of these, if you like.

Six dice is the maximum allowed. You may use less, if you wish.

one more thing...

This is a roll-and-write jam, not a traditional design contest. The objective is to make a game from scratch over the next week. Of course, we wouldn’t know if you submitted a game you have already made, but it would be against the spirit of the jam to do so. As a week is very short so we do not expect highly polished games, but games should be playable.

Websites such as the Noun Project or are a good resource for icons and artwork to help you build your game. Library digital resources are also a treasure-trove of public-domain art. See the NYPL Collection and the British Library Collection.

Submission Details

The deadline for submissions is 11pm on Sunday, the 9th September 2018. We're going by Pacific Daylight Time, to make this as flexible as possible.

Ideally, submit your game files as printable PDF files. Please ensure that the files themselves do not contain your name in them. Instead, clearly state the name of the game in your submission email.

Games should be your own original work. Feel free to team up with another designer and hand in an entry together.

Send your games to:

Most Important Rule

Remember to have fun!