How You Can Activate Roku Device by Using

Roku TV provides its users to watch the latest movies and TV shows for free and you can also access the paid video contents on their TV using via the internet. You can download the other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sling TV, etc. on the Roku devices. But you can access the Roku TV channel through on your device. In this blog, you will read how you can activate Roku TV device through

Features of URL

There are various features of Roku channels are customers can easily activate the Roku channels through the official URL It also helps the users to watch multiple Roku channels, videos or the live streaming channels. To watch this, customer first has to buy a monthly subscription and later on, they can change according to their preferences.

How to Activate Account?

For this, you have to open the browser on your computer system. After this, you have to type in the address bar. Then, you have to enter the Roku com link code on this page and after this; you have to click on “Submit” button. Here, you will view a new web page with two account options. In the first option, it is “Create a new Roku account” and the second option is “log in”. In case, you wish to log in with existing Roku account, then you have to select the second option “log in”. And if you wish to create a new Roku account, then you have to fill all the information, and then click on “submit” button. Here, you have to select any one payment method for transaction. It gives two payment method that is “PayPal” and the “Credit card payment”. After this, you have to create a Roku secure transaction PIN.

Activate Roku TV by using

For this, first you have to tap on the Home button. Now, they have to turn on the Roku TV with the streaming device. After this, they have to connect the device to the internet by using Wi-Fi. Now, they you should launch the TV screen. Here, they will get the Roku activation code. At this point, you should go to the website and then just enter the activation code. You should ensure that you have entered the correct credentials with the activation code. At last, you just wait for the Roku device to activate.

Update Account without Using Credit Card:

For updating, you first have to open the account in your computer system or in other device. After this, you should fill all the relevant credentials and then just verify the account. Here, you have to read and accept the license agreement to finish the procedure. Now, the page will redirect to the payment page and here you have to select the options properly and then just finish the procedure. In case, you cannot access the credit card then you have to click on the option “Add later”. At last, you will view the pop up message which comes on your screen which says the account has been created successfully.