What’s Roku?

  1. At first, Roku lets its users stream and watch no-cost and paid video content on TV using the network.

  2. Moreover, it has a lot of TV and film streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, etc.

  3. Further, most of the content is pre recorded, and apps like Sling TV enable users to watch content live as it airs.

Roku.com/link- Activate the device!

  • The official Roku.com/link is the link where the users must activate the Roku Streaming device.

  • The users will need a Roku.com/link Activation Code for the activation of the Roku stream device or TV.

  • Moreover, this fits nearly all Roku devices; this link will be utilized as a step by step lead for Roku Installation and Setup.

The Roku Account Without Using A Credit Card

If in need to build a Roku.com/link create account without using the credit card, then carry on with the below steps:

  • At first, go to the Roku sign up site.

  • Using a browser, reach the Roku.com/link account on the computer.

  • In there, tap Create account, and a form will come up on the screen.

  • Fill in all the details and verify the account.

  • Secondly, agree to the license agreement to complete the process.

  • Make sure to set a PIN for the Roku account to have a secure purchase.

  • Next, the page directs to the payment page.

  • Moreover, please select the options as it can be the Credit card or Paypal method.

  • Opt for the payment mode and check to offer its information.

  • If encountering inaccessibility of the credit card, then select Add later.

  • Finally, a message will prompt on the screen stating that the account creation is successful.

Roku’s s setup is simple and easy using this guide.

The step below can let the users to install the Roku device:

  • First of all, connect Roku to the TV’s HDMI port.

  • Plug the Roku player into an electrical source using a power cable.

  • Turn on the TV and choose the Roku’s HDMI channel.

  • After that, select the language in the Roku set up screen and hold

  • Secondly, choose Wired or Wireless.

  • Opt for the WiFi network, provide the password, and choose

  • Then, select the Auto detect display type.

  • Once the Roku device updates, the Roku activation code be on the screen.

  • At last, navigate to Roku com link to start with the activation process.

Roku.com/link|Roku.com link|Roku com link

Activating Roku Via the Roku com link!

The below step by step guide can help the users to activate the Roku device:

  • Firstly, power on Roku using the Home button.

  • Connect the device to the network using the wireless network.

  • The device will begin to look for the networks available.

  • Secondly, choose and make sure to provide the correct network key.

  • Now, Roku updates to the latest version.

  • And then, the Roku Activation Code appear on the TV screen.

  • Further, make a note of this code and on the computer or Smartphone.

  • Launch a browser and type Roku.com/link in to the address bar, and hit Go.

  • In the Roku.com/link activation site and input the Roku link code.

  • Do not make any mistakes while typing the link code.

  • On the other hand, log in with the Roku account.

  • Verify to provide the correct credentials of the Roku.com/link to enter code account.

  • Lastly, keep calm until the Roku device finishes the activation process.

What are the problems that users can encounter during activation?

When Roku not working message comes up on-screen and not able to access, Roku account then there can be numerous reasons that direct to Roku activation issues:

  • And this Roku activation issue can appear due to the low quality of network connection.

  • Verify whether the Roku device has a proper network connection.

  • Check that you have enough access and if not, ensure to do the wireless setup once again,

  • If Roku TV is not updated.

  • And for this, verify that the Roku device is up to date.

  • Further, if the home network is not secure, or the device is corrupted and infected by malicious files.

  • Ultimately, the users are not using a private network to make temporary network server issues and connectivity problems.

What can be the numerous Errors on Roku?

Roku error code 001

Roku activation linked error.


  • First of all, the users must check to input the correct password.

  • Next, verify for typo errors while providing the code.

  • Also, check for low network speed and updates if the Roku server is the problem.

Roku Error Code 005

The Roku error 005 occurs when Roku software is updating, but the process stops due to network connectivity issues.

  • First of all, check that the Roku device is connected to the WiFi network.

  • Ensure to offer the correct sign in details while linking Roku to the network.

  • And then attempt to relink the Roku device to the network.

  • Finally, restart the Roku device and the wireless router.

Roku Error Code 003

While the Roku device gets any problem in updating software, it shows up the Roku error 003.

  • The users need to select the correct WiFi network to link.

  • On the other hand, verify to provide the login values for the network.

  • And then, check the wireless router is working well.

  • Similarly, verify if the Roku is receiving a stable WiFi signal.

  • At last, restart the Roku device and the wireless router and try to connect to Roku.

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