Rohini Ramadas

I am an NSF postdoc in mathematics at Harvard University. My research is in algebraic geometry (enumerative geometry and moduli spaces) and complex dynamics. I’m interested in moduli spaces of stable curves, stable maps, and admissible covers; also in Berkovich spaces and tropical geometry.

In Fall 2018 I will join Brown University as a Tamarkin Assistant Professor and NSF postdoc.

Here is my CV.


My email address is:

My office is Harvard University Science Center 226, 1 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138


I got a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2017 from the University of Michigan, advised by David Speyer and Sarah Koch. I have a Master’s degree in Biology (2011) from the National Centre of Biological Science (Bangalore), where I spent four years in a Ph.D. program, advised by Mukund Thattai. During this period, I took math classes at the Indian Institute of Science, and also spent Fall 2009 at the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. My undergraduate degree is in Life Sciences and Biochemistry, from St. Xavier’s College. (Mumbai).

Publications and Preprints

My Ph.D. thesis is here.

"Hurwitz correspondences on compactifications of M_{0,n}." To appear, Advances in Mathematics. Available at ArXiv:1510.07277.

"Dynamical degrees of Hurwitz correspondences." Preprint, ArXiv:1602.02846.

With Mukund Thattai. “New Organelles by Gene Duplication in a Biophysical Model of Eukaryote Endomembrane Evolution.” Biophysical Journal, June 2013. Available here.

With Mukund Thattai. “Flipping DNA to generate and regulate microbial consortia.” Genetics, January 2010. Available here.

Graduate workshop in Algebraic Geometry for Women and Mathematicians of Minority Genders

Isabel Vogt and I are organizing a workshop at Harvard and MIT the weekend of February 17 and 18, 2018. The workshop is funded by the IAS Women and Mathematics Charles and Lisa Simonyi 2018 Ambassador grant, the Harvard University Department of Mathematics, the MIT Department of Mathematics, and the National Science Foundation. The speakers are Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston University), Melody Chan (Brown University), Angela Gibney (Rutgers University), and Brooke Ullery (Harvard University). To apply for funding to attend, register before November 13, 2017.