"Die for you" (april 21. 2023) is the third song released in the collaborative project between Roger Pedersen and Tony Poptamas. Roger is the composer, Tony the lyricist.

Roger has produced and recorded the various instruments and it is released on the Stavanger-based record company Forte Music.

"Goodbye to You" (April 29. 2022) is the second song released in the collaborative project between Roger Pedersen and Tony Poptamas. Roger has composed "Goodbye to you", produced and recorded the various instruments.

 "I hit him in the face" (October 29. 2021) is the first song released in the collaborative project between Roger Pedersen and Tony Poptamas. Roger is the composer. Roger has produced and recorded the various instruments. It is released on the Stavanger-based record company Forte Music.

Guitar Madness and other Nice Songs: Roger Pedersen  released his third solo-album May 13th. 2016. The album is called Guitar Madness and other Nice Songs. It is released on West Audio Productions

His new solo album consist of 14 tracks; 8 electric, 5 acoustics and ”Save me from myself”, a more commersial song with Johannes Stole on vocal .  

"More is More", Roger Pedersen released his second solo-album spring/summer 2013 on West Audio Productions . Roger Pedersen’s music is often described as Shredding– a guitar playing style that involve impressive technique and virtuosity. His new solo album consist of 13 tracks , where 12 of them are advanced instrumental ”songs”.  The last one, ”Say my Name”,  is  a more commersial song with vokal of Johannes Stole. 

"Kernels In A Popcorn Machine" is out summer 2010 on West Audio Productions/Universal. The CD consists of 14 instrumental tracks, sometimes referred to as guitar acrobatics, in technical terms called Shredding. Unlike many others in this genre, Pedersen adds elements of jazz and melody. Guitar Player Magazine wrote very highly of Roger Pedersen and his playing in the February issue 2009.  This is Roger's first solo-album.

Kaleidoscope Live: (February 12. 2012) Strange, beautiful and dreamy. Jazz-rock guitar meets ambient electronica, in an improvised setting. Live-looping and on-the-spot compositions takes you on a journey... Norwegian composer and electronica artist Christian Welde teams up with guitar player Roger Pedersen in improvisation, live-looping and experimentation.

Skywatching: This is Christian Welde's second album. Skywatching is an album that takes you on a journey through evocative pop to pieces that brings you images of air and flight. Singers include Jan Toft (former VAMP), Helene Bonander and Alice Hellevik. Guitars: Roger Pedersen, saxophone: Ole Jacob Hystad, flute: Vaklina Popov. I am playing guitar on three songs, including the radio single, Carpet ride. Release 26. October 2009.

Reach out: The second CD of dTales. Released 23.th of June 2008. Of course, with national distribution from Mudi and international distribution from CDbaby! The CD is released on dTales records. 

People are Talking: The first CD of dTales. Released 20th of April 2006.

December Song: Christian Welde's  recordings have been used by Norwegian national TV channeles NRK and TV2 + airplay on BBC radio. Christians songs have been recorded by several Norwegian artists.
The single "December Song" was released in 2006. Roger Pedersen is playing lead guitar on the single.

""Jul på Karmøy-2" has been at the initiative of Karmøy Lydstudio. Many Karmoy artists have participated, either with their instrument, or with songs. I play guitar on Cindy Lauper's "Early Christmas morning". (Nov./Dec. 2005). 

HEAVEN's re-release of  the CD "TAKE ME BACK" (2004)
It has a bonus song "Children of our time", and a new video for the song "TAKE ME BACK" in addition to the 10 songs that are on the first release.
The disc will be released on the company Huldra Records, with permission from Universal Music.

Debut album from Huldra, "Neste morgens lys". The song, "NABOENS BRØD", has been played a lot on norwegian radio, and was of NRK P1, referred to as this year's summer hit of 2001. The disc is recorded at Lydloftet Ølen in the spring 2001. The disc was released on the company Huldra RECORDS ANS. 

Roger plays on two cuts here, including the hitsong "Naboens brød". 

THE BEST OF NORWEGIAN HARD ROCK, was published by OSLOVE's record in 2000. Heaven was represented with 2 songs. "TAKE ME BACK, and CHILDREN OF OUR TIME". It came out all over Europe. 

Sound Trip: MiniCd with 4 songs. The album received some radio play in Norway, which resulted in great interest for Sound Trip. 

Children of our time- Heaven: In the fight against drugs, Heaven was asked to create a music video that should be used in schools. "CHILDREN OF OUR TIME," was the title of the song, as it also was made to the video. Children of our time was also released by ”Slagerfabrikken” together with song, Another way. Recorded at the Slagerfabrikk studio in 1991. 

Take me Back- Heaven: This album contains 10 songs, and was released by ”Slagerbabrikken”, autumn 1989. Recorded at Slagerstudio 1989. The songs included: LET GO, TAKE ME BACK, DON `T STOP ME NOW, sinners, LONELY RIDER, Angelina, ONE MORE NIGHT, BROKEN WING, OUT OF MY LIFE, AND ANOTHER WAY. 

Take me back- Heaven: After great success with the song "Take me back," Heaven got a record deal with “Slagerbabrikken. they released a new single with the song and it also included Angelina Take me back.
Recorded at Slager-studio 1989

Take me Back: Heaven’s first release was a self-financed single with the songs "TAKE ME BACK, and I`M IN LOVE "
Recorded at Rainbow Studio in 1988

At the age of 16, Roger contributed on Svein Arild Johannessen vinyl single "If you could understand".