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In the video pictured above is the best laptop I've ever purchased for under $200. This laptop comes with an AMD Quad Core E2 7110 CPU and 4 GB of DD3 RAM. It also comes with a 32 GB E.M.M.C drive. I was able to upgrade it by adding an internal 128 GB S.S.D drive in addition to the E.M.M.C drive that came with it. RAM can be upgraded as well to 16 GB max. I upgraded mine to 8 GB RAM by adding another 4 GB stick. I'm currently running Windows 10 Home (64 Bit) as the OS of choice. The screen is a full HD one running at 1920 X 1080p resolution. Try to grab one while you still can on E-Bay or Amazon. Make sure that it is "exactly" this model (HP Notebook - 14-an013nr) because the other ones don't have the full HD screen. Below are some pictures of mine sitting on my laptop desk at home. This is a phenomenal laptop for the price. It's a true diamond in the rough.

To the left & right are pictures of my recent D.I.Y mITX Ryzen-5 2400G InWin (Chopin) H.T.P.C that I originally built for my living room. With the Ryzen "Raven Ridge" C.P.U/A.P.U, AMD's "Fusion" technology has finally matured. The Ryzen-5 2400G supports S.M.T at (4C/8T) This probably accounts for its decent Cine-bench scores. Moreover, it has its own built in Vega 11 GPU. It's a great CPU/APU for building on a tight budget & when going for small extreme compact systems. Check out the below benchmark images using The Valley & Cine-bench to see what I mean. Results calculated were using 16 GB D.D.R.4 PC-3200 G-Skill RAM. Turbo boost was disabled. The C.P.U was overclocked. This little processor easily plays 3D games at 1080p at low to medium settings. Ultra settings are not recommended.

Vega 11 GPU Tested At 720p (Low)

Result: AVG FPS 74.7

Vega 11 GPU Tested At 1080p (Low)

Result: AVG FPS 45.0

Here are the full specs and costs for my AM4 AMD Ryzen-5 2400G mITX InWin H.T.P.C build:

  1. Motherboard: GA-AB350N-Gaming WiFi mITX (Cost was $115) - Micro Center (Full Price)
  2. C.P.U: Ryzen-5 2400G (Cost was $120) -Micro Center (Open Box Deal)
  3. R.A.M: 16-GB 2X8GB G-Skill DDR4 PC-3200 (Cost was $128) -Micro Center (Open Box)
  4. Storage: Inland Professional 120 GB S.S.D S.A.T.A (Cost Was $ 35.00) -Micro Center (Sale)
  5. Storage: Inland Professional 120 GB S.S.D S.A.T.A (Cost Was $ 35.00) -Micro Center (Sale)
  6. Graphics Card: AMD Vega- 11 GPU (Cost was Free)
  7. Case: mITX 150 Watt InWin Chopin (Cost Was $78.00) -Micro Center (Full Price)
  8. Keyboard: LogiTech 2.4 GHz Wireless and Back-Lit (Cost Was $50.00) -Micro Center (Sale)
  9. Mouse: Verbatim Wireless USB Mouse (Cost was $10) -Micro Center
  10. O.S. OEM Windows 10 Home 64-Bit (Cost was $100.00) -Micro Center

Adding up the above costs, the build total was approximately $671. Even with all parts purchased at the Micro Center, going extreme compact on a build costs a bit of a premium. This little H.T.P.C connects via H.D.M.I to a 39" H.D. 1080 p T.V. in my wife's room. This little build was quite enjoyable. Video card limitations notwithstanding, it's a great build for those looking to go for 3D power in an extreme compact form factor. For some very thorough benchmarks, check out the YouTube video to the left by Hardware Unboxed. They give excellent details on this AMD APU. Also check out their video above using my exact same specs.