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"M4R - MacroCosm" out now!!

Original, [sound shinobi] and Tigerwall Mixes

Genre: Trance, Progressive Trance

"kanata.t - White Gloom / Light Garden" out now!!

Original Mixes

Genre: Progressive House

"KaKi - Abandoned" out now!!

Original and DJ Tranceair Mixes

Genre: Trance

"Syra - Celestial Sphere" out now!!

Original and Janusec Mixes

Genre: Uplifting Trance, Progressive House

"Skyhunter - Styria" out now!!

Original and Jagi Mixes

Genre: Progressive House, Melodic House

"Kota Kawashima - Repose" out now!!

Original Mix

Genre: Progressive Breaks

"DJ Tranceair - Hieizan" out now!!

Original, Masaru Hinaiji and Shirasawa Mixes

Genre: Trance

"Tsuki Shizumutoki - Tabidachi" out now!!

Original Mix

Genre: Trance

"Caira - And Then I Met You / Within Us" out now!!

And Then I Met You / Within Us

Genre: Progressive House

"Lesh - Skies EP" out now!!

Future Skies / Mystic Rains

Genre: Progressive House

"Crisy & N-sKing - Tomatonage" out now!!

Original Mix

Genre: Trance

"RUNOS - Matsuri" out now!!

Original Mix

Genre: Progressive House

"illi - Lilies" out now!!

Original and Clean Tears Mixes

Genre: Trance

"ZumaTK - Subdued Light" out now!!

Original and Trinity Mixes

Genre: Trance

"Janusec - Memory Lane / Fleeting Love" out now!!

Original, Caira and FJ Mixes

Genre: Progressive House

"Isei - Kirous" out now!!

Original and RayD8 Mixes

Genre: Trance

"Vantasy - When The Sky Clears Up" out now!!

Original and Lesh Mixes

Genre: Progressive House

"kanata.t & Shingo Nakamura - Lumen Remixes"

out now!!

Furkan Senol, Michael Elliot and Sightlok Mixes

Genre: Origanic House, Italo Disco, Indie Dance

RockRiverRecords logo is rebranded

RockRiverRecords logo will be rebranded.

It will change on our 100th release!