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Welcome!  I am Denise Bradley.  I am a wife,  mom to 4 amazing teenagers and a Registered Nurse who is passionate about taking Healthy Steps.   After my own personal struggles with health for my family and myself I was determined to learn more about the food/health connection.   I found that those small simple steps I took daily had the greatest impact over time.  They helped me get closer to my goals of supporting myself naturally and getting  off as many medications as possible.  My experience led me to want to share with everyone I knew.   

As a nurse I knew the cost of sickness and the side effects of the medications I was taking.    Taking a prevention mindset was necessary to reach my goals of changing my health.  Dr. Sears teaches a "Pills and Skills"  model.  I understood the pills, my Health Coach training gave me the skills.   The combination of the two sets me apart from many other Health Coaches because I understand the complexity of patients and the goals of the Dr.'s and what is safe for their patients.  

When I look back, my path to becoming a Health Coach started many years ago.  Dr. Sears made a big impression on our lives.  So much so that when my kids were small we read several of his books and used his suggestions.  It helped me get through those tough younger years with fussy eaters. 

My decision to become a Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute was because I knew that the training and knowledge would help me to be a better Health Coach.  I had been following him for years and was excited the first time they announced the Health Coach certification.  My family has used his life changing tools and information.  That is why I am so passionate to share them with you and your family.  My heart is to meet individuals and families where they are at in their journey and educate them on simple effective ways that they can live healthier, happier lives. 

It’s All about Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

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