Robotics Maker Space, LLC is a small company investigating ways to have the youth of the world become involved with competitive robotics.

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New Hampshire Events

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VRC Tentative dates:

11/2/2019 Kennett Competition, North Conway, NH

11/16/2019 Pinkerton Competition, Derry, NH

12/7/2019 Pembroke Academy, Pembroke, NH

12/14/2019 Belmont Competition, Belmont, NH

1/11/2020 Coe Brown Academy Competition, Northwood, NH

1/16-1/18/2020 WPI Signature event, Worcester, MA

2/15/2020 NH State Championship, MCC. Manchester, NH

dates yet to be determined:

Spark Academy Competition

ConVal Competition

Milford Competition

VEX IQ Challenge Tentative Dates:

12/8/2019 Pembroke Academy VEX IQ Challenge, Pembroke, NH

12/15/2019 Belmont VEX IQ Challenge, Belmont, NH

(11/10/2019 or 1/12/2019) Oyster River VEX IQ Challenge, Durham, NH

1/25/2020 Jennie D Blake VEX IQ Challenge, Hill, NH

Dates yet to be determined:

Bow, VEX IQ Challenge

Candia VEX IQ Challenge

Kennett VEX IQ Challenge

McLaughlin VEX IQ Challenge

Milford VEX IQ Challenge

Robotics Maker Space, LLC Provides training involving the VEX EDR System and the VEX IQ Challenge