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Robocup Junior Nationals Competition Auckland 2023 Results

Junior Search and Rescue Total Teams 11

First Team Sonic Medbury,  (Kiran Keswani )

Second The Pros Kidwe Lab,  (Kevin Zhou, William Xie)

Third Robo Elite Brownsbay Primary School,  (Ryan Lau)

Senior Search and Rescue Total Teams 9

First Team Avocado Medbury,  (Nitin Keswani , Daniel Zhang, Daniel Zhang)

Second Technobot Saint Kentigern College,  (James Wang, Ben Berrington)

Third Robo D.J. Sunnyhills Primary School & Northcross Intermediate School,  (Daniel LAO, Joey XIE)

Premier Search and Rescue Total Teams 5

First The Nerd Herd Saint Kentigern College,  (Oliver McGuinness, Boaz Lin, Chace Wang, Bernard Wang)

Second 3DPRINTERGROUP Wentworth Primary, Kevin He: Belmont intermediate,  (Erik Yang, Yan Lin Wu, Kevin He)

Third Code Heroes Cobot,  (Samual Zhang, Tiffany Zhang, Chris Chen)

Junior Theatre

First Equal We Will Rock You Lynmore Primary School,  (Ryan Stevens, Archie Hill, Thomas Maginness, Lukas Dakin-Hoy, Ethan Hucker)

First Equal Fantasy Five Lynmore Primary School,  (Abbey Garden, Candice Chen, Emily Macklin, Isabella Malcolm, Anja Nieuwoudt)

Senior Theatre Total Teams 7

First Blown2 Bits

Second Wanders St Cuthberts College,  (Teivanui Wichman, Arthika Prabhakaran, Jeanne Zhou)

Third Kandy St Cuthberts College,  (Aarna Bhuvi, Emmy Zou)

Premier Theatre

First Moogle St Margarets College ,  (Millie Edwards, Bea Mcglashen )

Second SAGE Engineering SAGE Engineering,  (Jurnee Leonard, Siwan Lloyd-Jones, Bella Shaw, Maia Al-Chakif, Nadia Wu)

Open Soccer

That Random Person In The Corner  Alex Cole

The Cheezy Cheeseburgerz  Kai Wang Kaden Marzuki  Leo Lu  Ryan Wang

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