National Competition

Robocup 2020 Looks a little different this year: It's online!

This means that there is not a national competition this year.

Check out our Term 3 online competition here.

2020 Competition

Nationals has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Register your interest for the online competition here:


2019 Results

2019 Photos:

Junior Search and Rescue

Third DaDudes, iBot (Kenneth Huang)

Second Robostormer Ninja Queenstown Robotics Trust, (Lido Wright)

First Atom, Maori Hill School (Adam Ludgate)

Junior Theatre

Third Batmobiles, Selwyn House School (Leona Kamuhangire, Tilly O'Donnell, Anneliese Surveyor)

Second Maori Hill Magic, Maori Hill School (Alice Bennett, Zuzanna Kochran, Olivia Stevenson, Jasper Harvey, Max Farrar, Liam Hamilton, Torin Stephens)

First Diamond Divas, Diamond Harbour School (Stella McMillan, India Steedman, Pippa Steedman, Holly Dennis, Isla Mathews)

Senior Search and Rescue

Third Insert name here, St Mark's Church School (Zebedee Gee, Daniel Spaziani)

Second Terminator, iBot (Jason Chen)

First Bot, iBot (Matthew Ma, Brendon Tsoi, YiXiong Hao)

Senior Theatre

Third The Aqua Bots, Tahuna Normal Intermediate School (Kaela Freeland, Darcia Heath, Shaku Jawahar, Jamila Fraser)

Second Marine Defenders, SCRATCHPAD St Lukes (Milly, Alden, Sohar)

First Gansta Grannies, Diamond Harbour School (Abby Laird, Chara Coles, Fern Wilkinson, Chloe Clinch)

Premier Search and Rescue

Third #TeamArmadillo, Independent (Maia Robertson)

Second #GeekSquad, Scots College (Leon Bowie, Ryan Crawshay)

First NoName, iBot (James Xu)

Premier Theatre

Third D20, John Paul College Rotorua (Janna Rutor, Dan Borja, Zach Castillo)

Second RoboCup Junior Junior, Otago Boys' High School (Aaron Nelson)

First Unlimited Robots, Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery (Adele Matthews, Ness Arps, Avery Dean)

Open Soccer

Third Roboscouts, Tahuna Normal Intermediate School (Jonty Allan, Alex Brown , Jamie Lewis, Matthew Gray, Dan Smith)

Second The Columbots, Columba College (Ruth Huang, Joanna Liu)

First Option + Shift + K, Kristin School (Ethan Ivanier, Digby Eele)

2019 Notice for COMPETITORS

Dear RoboCup finals teams

Please read this email carefully, it contains information that you need to know about the event on Saturday 14 September. In particular note that if you are a Theatre team there is something that you need to do this week - you need to send your music / soundtrack to the email address described below.

The timetable for the day will be posted on the website ( as soon as it is available. Note that registrations open at 8am. Some events start at 8:30 - you will need to check your team's timetable! Food (and coffee) will be available from 8:30am at the venue, please use this service and support our hosts. There are vegetarian options (but if you have special dietary needs you should being your own food).

The venue is the Dunedin City Baptist Church, 19 Main South Rd, Concord, Dunedin:

See the maps attached. It is easily accessible if you are coming from the airport (20-25 minutes drive). If coming from the city on SH1, take the exit toward Concord/Burnside. There is plenty of parking.

All teams must fill in a Media Release form for all competitors. All forms are available from the Rules and Forms page of the RobocupJunior website. You need to give this form to the Registration Desk on arrival.

Please bring extension cords and splitter boxes to supply power to your team. The organisers will provide as many power outlets as possible. Please name all your gear, including battery chargers.

Theatre teams, please send your music/sound track to Chris Edwards:


It should be in mp3 format and be the correct length (1-2 minutes).

Please name the file with your team name.

Complete and bring with you the Theatre Competitors Announcers Form (1 per team).

Soccer and Rescue teams, make sure your robots fit the size limits in the rules. Complete and bring with you the Interview Questionnaire (1 per team). The interviews are not timetabled, you will be interviewed at your competition fields during the day.

All teams, an important note about flying with your robots. Mindstorms robots use Lithium Ion batteries. These will generally need to be carried on with you, not put in your checked-in luggage. Loose batteries should have tape over their terminals and/or be in individual bags. An EV3 battery is 2200mAh @ 10V, this equates to 22Wh Laptop batteries can be as high as 80Wh. Check your airline's policy:

This year we have a record number of entries! That's great news, but it also means that the competition is going to be very busy. Please be patient with each other - and with the organisers. Remember that Robocup is about learning and having fun. No matter how things go on the day, your team has already done great work! We look forward to seeing you all on the day, and to a grand competition!


Anthony Robins

(for the RoboCup Committee)


2018 Competition - PHOTOS

2018 Competition - RESULTS

== Junior Search and Rescue ==


Savage Cats

Russley School, (Joseph Surrey, Khizar Abbas)



Teacher Chen Robot Training, (Andrew Chen)



Aspiring Computer Science Trust, (Douglas Wise, Jacob Gould, Jessica Gould, Xander Maguire)

== Junior Theatre ==

Third Equal

The Oogs

Halswell School, (Millie Edwards, Adele Matthews, Isabelle Clyne)

Third Equal

The Brobots

Albany Primary School, (Daniel KIM, Junghyun NAM, Ezra CHOI)


Ancient Bots

Selwyn House School, (Lily Henderson-Walshe, Honor Forbes, Charlotte Leatherland, Masha Pospolitak)



The Cathedral Grammar, (Cameron Smillie, Conor Gracey, Rian Gracey, Sam Foote)

== Senior Search and Rescue ==


Those People

Waikowhai Intermediate School, (Samuel Cameron, Millie Ashley)



Teacher Chen Robot Training, (James Xu)



Teacher Chen Robot Training, (Alston Yam)

== Senior Theatre ==


Robo Splat

Sumner School, (Naomi Dana, Isolde Johnson)


The Oompa Loompas

St Hilda's Collegiate School, (Victoria Avery, Hannah Lawrence, Laura Ring, Olivia Ollerenshaw)


Unlimited Robots

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery, (Avery Dean, Ness Arps, Nathan O'Brien)

== Premier Search and Rescue ==


S.C.F. Discovery

Scots College, (Leon Bowie)



Cashmere High School, (Lachlan Stewart, Findlay Royds, Jake Van Keulen )


Can Hugger

Logan Park High School, (Bill Campbell)

== Premier Theatre ==



St Peter's College, (Charlie Mollard)


OBHS Talent Quest

Otago Boys' High School, (Aaron Nelson, Daniel Visser)



InfoSci Mechatronics, (Tobias Devereux, Henry Eden-Mann)

== Open Soccer ==


Llama crew!

Waikowhai Intermediate School, (Michael Guillard, James Lee, Sean-Michael Rigg)



Tahuna Normal Intermediate School, (Marcus Anderson, Mathew Gray)


Medbury Gizmos

Medbury Boys School, (Nicholas Brown, Sean Jang, Elliott Grey)

== University of Otago Computer Science Programming Prize ==

[in no order]


Infosci Mechatronics, (Tobias Devereux, Henry Eden-Mann)

OBHS Talent Quest

Otago Boys High School, (Aaron Nelson, Daniel Visser)

Team Unlimted Robots

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery, (Avery Dean, Ness Arps, Nathan O'Brien)

Can Hugger

Logan Park High School, (Bill Campbell)