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As of 7/28/2023

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Roblox VR Originals are games that were designed solely for the VR audience. These games are not playable on non-VR hardware.

(The Road Not Taken - created by CyberPlay Interactive)   New game added as of 9/26/2022.

Roblox VR Supported are games that were designed with both Flat-screen players and VR players in mind. These games are playable on VR Hardware and any other gaming device Roblox supports.

(Steam & Steel- created by CyberPlay Interactive)  New games added as of 7/28/2023.

Roblox VR God-likes are games that give the HMD user god- like powers they are very similar to VR Supported Games, but for the sake of not overflowing that category, we put these games on their own.

( VR Hangout - created by Splite Studios)                                    New games added as of 3/27/2022.

Roblox Nexus VR Games are games that use the open-sourced project created by TheNexusAvenger. 

TheNexusAvenger has created an article that shows what Nexus VR is capable of doing, and has advice on how to add good support.

Games need to have over 10k+ visits for a chance to get featured. 


Take a look at the latest updates from the Roblox VR Community. 

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An easy to use standalone headset that has access to Roblox VR.

A more advance standalone headset that has access to Roblox VR.

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