About Me

Hi! My name is Rob Anderson and I've been a Learning/Interaction Designer since 2001. Over the last 10 years, I've been leading Learning Design/Delivery teams at a few companies but I still hold onto my love of creating learning content that is fun, engaging and most important... gets a result.

Here's a few of the places I've worked...

  • Meta - Learning Content Manager

  • GoDaddy - Customer Education Content Manager

  • Nintendo - Training & Quality Manager (Leadership Development)

  • T-Mobile - Education Services Manager (PMO - Leadership) Development)

  • AAA - Learning Manager (Leadership Development)

  • Pemco Insurance - Sr Instructional Designer (Leadership Development)

  • REI - Sr Learning Specialist (Onboarding, Leadership Development)

  • Starbucks - Learning & Development Specialist (Onboarding, Leadership Development, Immersion Program Manager, Instructional Design)