My mother and father married, settled and started Cavalier Antiques in Georgetown in 1946. Their 18th century house in Georgetown was demolished due to Urban Renewal, a Federal rebuilding program that gave Federal grants and incentives to developers.

Loving history, they moved to a building built in 1760 in Old Town Alexandria, where they could have a shop below and live above. They almost lost this building to Urban Renewal also, since 23 blocks around City Hall had been slated for demolition. Prolonged civic engagement by organizations concerned with history kept the destruction down to only two blocks.

I grew up in Old Town. I studied Architecture and History at UVA and Philosophy in graduate school. I returned to conserve furniture and help in the shop. I have volunteered to teach in an ESL class, teaching GED to inmates at the city jail and served on the Council of my church. Over the last 30 years, I have served on the boards of two civic associations been involved in charitable and educational organizations.

Though my mother and father have since passed away, my residence and shop are still at 400 Prince St. My wife and I brought our child up here attending both private and public schools. My wife, Mary, is a social worker with a private practice on the first floor of our building. Mary is also Co-chair of the Friends Board of Alexandria Mental Health Center.

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