Staff Applications

Staff Application Information

Hello, everyone! As you may know, the RnC Newspaper, The RoundUp, has been started again. Now, we need your help! We have several positions that need to be filled on the team. You don't need any past experience on a newspaper team to join, so don't be intimidated by all of the fancy terms. But, if you have a passion for the RnC community, writing, designing, or reporting, and you can spare a few hours a week to contribute, the newspaper might be right for you!

Newspaper Role Descriptions

The basic rundown of how it works:

  • Reporters: get info, such as interviews and pictures of events, write articles about them to give to the editors
  • Editors: check for grammatical errors, put the reporter's writings and photos inside of the final draft of the newspaper, fix the layout of the final draft
  • Graphic Designers: create covers and any other images needed
  • Managers: (must have experience on the Newspaper Team) coordinate everyone, really tough spellcheck, final touch ups, make final decisions on issues, manage the Round Up website, publish new issues, and organize staff applications, manage the calendar
  • Staff Advisors: (must be an RnC Staff member) communicate with the Staff Team when needed, edit the RnC website and broadcasts with updtes for the paper

Application Info and Guidelines

  • Please answer all questions fully and completely, using correct grammar and full sentences when necessary.
  • If any part of your app is found to be plagiarized in any way, it will be immediately discarded.
  • Your application will be kept confidential, only accessible to the RnC Staff and RnC Newspaper Staff.
  • Apps will remain open permanently, but applications will only be accepted on a as needed basis with no official acceptance date unless otherwise stated.
  • If you have any questions, you can reply to the RnC Newspaper Application thread in the forums, or message one of the managers (listed at the end of each issue) on Discord or /mail send [in game name] on the server.

Once you have submitted the application, it will be sent to the RnC Newspaper team to be reviewed. Please do not pester anyone to ask if it has been accepted. If it is accepted, you will be messaged by a manager or chief in game and/or on Discord if you provided one.