Grade 10 Science MaTH

NEWS - tuesday, June 25


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EXTRA Resources - Practice Worksheets

These worksheets are completely optional and are intended as additional work to practice basic skills similar to short answer level questions.  Answers are included in the same file.  In no way do these worksheets replace day-to-day teaching.  Click on the chapter titles.

Chapter 3 - Greatest Integer Functions

Chapter 8 - Statistics

EXTRA Resources - Khan Academy website

You can create a free account at Khan Academy, or use the resources for free in a limited way.  In no way does this replace day-to-day teaching.

Chapter 1 - Factoring and Rational Expressions

Chapter 2 - Polynomial Functions

Chapter 3 - Greatest Integer Functions

Chapter 4 - Analytic Geometry

Chapter 5 - Systems of Equations

Chapter 6 - Triangles

Chapter 7 - Trigonometry

Chapter 8 - Statistics

There are a total of 90 students taking grade 10 Science Math.  So far, 84  students have failed something.  Failure is normal and is an essential part of learning and improving BUT don't become complacent and accept failure in the long term.  Crucially the take away message is that we need to get better.  We have, and we will continue to discuss strategies to help you improve and become a more effective learner.  Check out some of the strategies by reading over the Tips to Succeed.  Remember, this course is like climbing a mountain: it requires a balance of ability and effort.  It's tough to start and get into a rhythm; when you fall, it can hurt; when you hit your stride, you start ascending; when you are at the top, it's breathtaking.  Some students who are very strong at math, can succeed by simply doing the daily work that is asked of them, while others who are not so strong at math need to compensate by simply doing more work.  Success is not guaranteed, but the chances greatly improve for those who are willing to put in a consistent and sustained amount of effort.  We are all capable of succeeding and even excelling, if we are willing to work smarter, not harder!