Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom is an alternative learning experience for active students.

Class of 2019 - 2020

Class of 2018-2019

"caution falling nuts!!"🐿🌰

Class of 2016 - 2017

At Kieve the students had the opportunity to climb the indoor climbing wall. Each individual student had their own challenge and everyone succeeded in meeting their goal.

At the Herring Gut Learning Center students learn about invasive species and study the life of lobsters.

The Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine is an annual event that the students get to learn about farming, agriculture and sustainable living.

The students watched a sheep herding demonstration. Look kids, this is how we're supposed to line up!

We visited the Rockland Breakwater when the weather was nice and sunny at the beginning of the 2016 school year. We learned the importance of a breakwater for harbors, and the history of the lighthouse. It was also a healthy mile walk.