Robots in the Wild

From the lab, field and showrooms to real-world experiences in social robotics

November 29th 2019 - Madrid, Spain

Welcome to the first Robots in the Wild workshop!

We aim to bring together researchers who work with robots in real-world settings, as opposed to laboratory settings, with particular focus on those who work on ethnographic and in-the-wild studies. Together, we will identify usability and design issues for the future social robots and the scientificand technological barriers towards successful innovation.

By the end of the full-day workshop, we aim to lay the foundations to generate ethical and legal guidelines for deploying such robots in various social settings.

Given the breadth of this subject, for the purposes of this workshop, we are focusing on the following four categories:

  • Robotics and education for children
  • Companion robots for adults
  • Robots in healthcare and for the elderly
  • Robots for special needs