Market Goats

Market Goat Cost Breakdown

Estimated Expenses:

  • Goat: $300
    • We buy show goats from reputable breeders. Show goats have better genetics and are the right body shape and size for show. We are working with a breeder who will provide guidance and help make sure the goats are show ready.
  • Hay: $60
    • Goats are ruminants and need hay to keep their digestive systems working. Each goat goes through 3 bales of hay during the time we have them. Good quality hay runs about $20 a bale.
  • Grain: $100
    • We feed a show goat feed because a quality show feed helps the goat grow and develop muscles and become ready for show. It takes about 250 pounds of grain to get a goat to ideal market weight. Show feed comes is 50 pound bags and costs about $20 per bag.
  • Bedding: $125
    • Animals need bedding to keep warm and grow. Shavings cost $5 a bag at tractor supply. Goats go through at least a bag a week.
  • Supplements: $40
    • We use supplements to further the development of our animals and make them competitive.
  • Insurance: $25
    • All animals at our facility are required to be insured. If an animal dies before fair, the insurance will replace all expenses thus far.