Dark Matter Working Group

Welcome to DM working Group!

Welcome to RIKEN iTHEMS Dark Matter Working Group (DMWG) !

What's new?

2020.02.17 DMWG seminar by Dr. Brehmer

2020.02.14 1st circular: 「暗黒物質探査のバックグラウンド」研究会(Japanese)

2019.12.12 2nd IPMU-iTHEMS DMWG joint seminar

2019.10.21 DMWG seminar by Dr. Sekiguchi

2019.10.01 DMWG seminar by Dr. Rinaldi

2019. 9. 24 1st IPMU-iTHEMS DMWG joint seminar

2019. 8.20 DM WG launched!