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"Accelerating Core Brain Development by Talking UP to Children."

Parents and Educators are saying:

“This is excellent…It’s really needed.” -Current Santa Monica Teacher, Florida Teacher, and Science Teacher

“I love the Design.” -Design Graduate

“I like the art & graphics.” -Artist

“We are on the same wave length. We are speaking the same language.”

- J.C. United Way’s Digital Literacy Alliance for the 21st Century


“You're the total package…Your energy, your enthusiasm… ¿Why can’t you be my kid’s teacher?”

- Couple Requesting That I Create A TEDTalk.

Core Brain Development

“This is phenomenal…a fundamental piece missing in modern day education.” -Ramon P. (Rotary Club)


“When I was teaching, this would have been hysterical…” -Former Teacher


[People literally laughing out loud.] -Various


“I love the concept. This is exactly what books should be doing.” - Various.


“Oh, my gosh…Wow…wow…oh my gosh… The image draws me in and makes me want to turn the page to see what is next.” - O.M.G.

Language Acquisition

“Your work was very inspiring.” - Tia Chucha’s employee



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I write+illustrate children’s literature with advanced literary+life concepts, and engaging satire to start-up critical thinking for application in the real world. My theory is by achieving this we can accelerate Core Brain Development by Talking UP to Children.


Years Teaching Creative Writing to teens


Years Teaching English (Honors)


Degrees in Education B.A.+M.A.


Years Service in AmeriCorps Teaching


Children XX+XY


Teacher of the Year Awards

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UPCOMING Presentations:

January 14, 2019 - Bishop Amat High School

February 4, 2019 - Saint Joseph High School, Lakewood

February 25, 2019 - Bishop Alemany High School

“You’re too Awesome for anyone’s good!”

“You did more for me than you’ll know. Ever.”

“I have learned more from you than I have most people my entire life.”

“You have given me a future.”

“I have to say you are easily the best teacher I’ve ever had. You challenged me on a daily basis, and that’s something hardly any teacher does.”

“You were able to push me in class and engage my curiosity outside of the classroom.”

“The witty jokes (both planned and improvised) had me laughing - and I love to laugh. I want to tell you I really loved and looked forward to going to your classes. I've had very few teachers who have impacted my academic ‘career’ as much as you have and there is no way I can thank you for that. The time we spent and the lessons I learned, I hold invaluable.”

“[Y]ou forced me out of my comfort zone, out of just sitting quietly in the corner. I already feel that that ability is aiding me at ______ University.”

“Your positive energy and creative approach touched on topics which needed to be addressed.”

“Thanks for helping me grow as a person and as a teacher.”

“[T]hank you for an amazing one year of education, you quickly became the toughest teacher I have ever had and my favorite, and taught me the most beneficial course I probably will ever take. I'm impressing…with my knowledge…and ability to think on a deeper level. I am very saddened by the fact I won't have you as a teacher again…”


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