Learn to Ride

Many parents consider it a "Rite of Passage" to teach

their youngsters how to ride a bike.

With some simple calm and confident coaching it is not that difficult.

The process below also works for adults wishing to cycle independently.

Break the process down into simple steps.

BALANCE is the key!

    • Learn to balance. Either a “Balance Bike” or take the pedals off the normal bike.
    • Remembering to keep looking up and not gripping the handle bars too tight.
    • Practice making the bike go faster and progressively lift both feet off the ground together. If it feels like falling use the brakes to stop and then put feet down. That should be the furthest to fall. Lowering the saddle so able to get feet flat on the ground when sitting.
    • Tarmac not grass. Grass requires much more effort.
    • There should be no need for the trainer to be holding the bike.

Video 1 Video 2

Always focus on the positive.

All those wobbles are part of the learning process.

    • Once able to balance for 10 or so seconds it is time to put the pedals back on. Then with a little help of holding the back of the saddle get the rider to “LOOK UP & PEDAL”.
    • Soon the rider should need less support. Encourage using the brakes to stop before putting feet down. Remember “LOOK UP & PEDAL”.
    • Trainer will feel that less effort is required to hold the bike up. Encourage to LOOK UP.
    • Hopefully journeys will get longer.
    • Learning to cycle is tiring for both rider and trainer. An hour is likely to be the longest a session should last.
    • Better to finish on a "High Point" than getting frustrated and make mistakes which put the rider off wanting to continue to learn another time.

Everyone should be having a good time!

Video 1 Video 2

With dedication and encouragement much of this can be achieved in a single hour

Avoid using stabilisers.

[ They are good for learning how to pedal but, little else ]

Once able to cycle independently then lots of "Off Road" practice before considering cycling out on the roads.

Possibly consider a Bikeability course

Some tips for cycling well on the road VIDEO from [ We are Cycling UK ]

Potentially plan a route using some of the National Cycle Network