"Accordions in Hell" 2021 oil 10x12

"Explaining Norway to a Dog" 2022 oil 10x12

"Blond and Bowlegged" 2022 oil 10x12

"Grand Battement" 2022 oil12x10

"Chickens In Bondage 2" 2021 oil 48x60

"Ducks Unlimited" 2021 oil 48x60

"Selling Time" 2021 oil 36x36

"Not Insane" 2021 oil 24x36

"The Difference Between a Duck" 2021 oil 48x48

The Laws Governing Exceptions 2021 oil 48x48

You Can Call Me Ray 2021 oil 40x30 oil

One Armed Dwarf Milking a Short Cow 2021 60_x48 oil

"Shoes for Industry" 2021 oil 24x24

"Dog's Breakfast" 2021 oil 36x48