Dance Critique

Critiquing Dance

Outcome: Students will articulate terminology directly related to dance technique, and they will recognize the qualities as related to the five components which help to make this type of dance technique uniquely different from other types.

Assignment: In order to apply terminology specific to the field of Dance, and to develop opinions about Dance choreography, students will respond critically to Dance performance. This analysis will describe at least one choreographic work from a Dance performance that is related in some way to ethnic or cultural (Social) dance and explain the choreographic elements utilized by the choreographer to make the piece stylistically authentic. Responses to guiding questions, based on a Dance Department Rubric for choreographic analysis, are submitted through the Form below.

This assignment can be completed in different ways, but it must be turned in at least once this semester in at least one of the following versions:

  1. The Let's Dance Event is taking place in conjunction with the East Los Angeles College Festival of the Arts

Thursday, March 21st at 5:00pm

S2-Recital Hall for Dance and Music ($5.00)

This version of the assignment is Due Wednesday, March 27 (before your Spring Break).


2. The dance scene from the movie Dance With Me with Vanessa Williams & Chayanne. This option is available so you are not forced to pay for a ticket to a Dance event; but you may also submit this version anytime this semester for Extra Credit, but no later than Friday, May 24.


3. Let's Dance Company's 14th Repertoire Dance Concert

Friday and Saturday May 17 & 18 at 7:00PM

S2-Recital Hall for Dance and Music ($20.00)

This version of the assignment is Due Monday, May 20.

You may complete the extra credit version of this assignment at any time at any time Before the end of the semester, but no later than Friday, May 24.

(see below for Rubric Descriptions)

Five Components of Dance Analysis/Criticism

Dance Analysis/Criticism Metrics

Five Components of Dance Performance

Dance Performance Metrics