Weather Policy

In effort to keep all of our students and families safe, Revita Dance and Martial Arts classes may be cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions throughout the season.

To make the decision on whether or not to hold class, we will mirror the decision of the Westfield School District for our Westfield studio, and the Portage School District for our Portage Studio. If school is canceled or let our early the studio will NOT have class that evening. If some or all of the after school activities have been canceled, we will make a decision based on what is safest for our families.

You will be notified via email if classes will be cancelled for that evening.

In order to compensate for weather-related cancelations, your student is invited to take a free trial in any other class within their age range. This includes both martial arts and dance classes. Please be sure to schedule this make up class through our Trial Class system so we are able to keep track of who is attending when. To register for a trial class, visit the link below!