suitability & fitness for duty evaluations

At Resolute, we follow the guidelines developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police for conducting psychological fitness for duty evaluations.  We use the latest technologies to provide remote and online access to pre- and post-employment suitability for duty, fitness for duty, return to duty following a post-critical incident, and (sexual) violence risk assessments.

forensic evaluation & wellbeing counseling

Forensic mental health is a subspecialty within clinical mental health counseling where clinicians provide objective behavioral health examinations and/or opinions for courts or other legal proceedings.  Our clinically trained practitioners conduct forensic mental health evaluations in the areas of fitness for duty and (sexual) violence risk assessment. Out staff also provide eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and other trauma-informed therapies for clients coping with trauma.

leadership & resilience coaching

Resolute leaders are determined, persistent, rational, competitive and competent. Oftentimes, they are viewed as having a fighting spirit. At Resolute, we help leaders to hone a fighting spirit while maintaining humility and cultivating leadership agility. We take a holistic approach to performance that includes assisting clients with enhancing mental, physical, spiritual and occupational wellbeing. 

organizational development coaching

Organizational development coaching increases organizational effectiveness and wellbeing through planned interventions aimed at improving organizational processes utilizing evidence-based practices.

sport and exercise psychology mentoring

At Resolute, we also provide mentorship for those seeking to obtain the  Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) credential. We specialize in providing mentorship to practitioners currently working in rugby, weightlifting, combat, bodybuilding and competitive fitness sports. Mentees should also have an interest in sport and psychology practice diversification and obtaining at least 50 CMPC  hours consulting with tactical athletes.