Get Ready to FINISH THE SET.

Reset Fitness is a fitness studio committed to teaching people to aggressively safeguard personal health through gaining physical strength, eating sensibly, managing stress and sleeping.

Meet Renee!

Renee Robinson is the owner & operator of Reset Fitness. Passionate about health, Renee provides hands on services and the motivation you need. Whether its a gentle push or tough love, Renee is an expert fitness instructor with years of experience under her belt.


What We Offer

Personal Training

Not really sure how to maneuver the gym or put together a workout? Want to make sure your form is correct? Have you reached a plateau in your progress regarding your fitness goals? Are recovering from an injury or surgery? Need accountability? Personal Training can help you with all of these!

Body Sculpting

Strength Training, HIIT, Circuit Training

Xtreme Hip Hop Step Aerobics

A revamp of traditional step aerobics that includes routines set to old and new school hip hop.

                                              Stretch It Aht

Active rest at its finest! Stretch out soar and stiff muscles, increase blood flow and relax the body.


Joining a class is easy! 

We use Studio Bookings for all class scheduling. View the latest calendar below and be sure to download the app to sign up for classes with one tap, get reminders, messages & more!

Reset Fitness

227 Bonvue Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15214

(412) 514-5603

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