Paul Muller

I am Assistant Professor at the VU University Amsterdam, Research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute, and research affiliate at IZA. My research interests are (empirical) labor economics and applied microeconomics. I have been using both field experiments and administrative data sources in my studies. In particular, I am interested in:

  • the role of occupational information in job search , and how (online) advice can be beneficial

  • job search assistance programs and their (in)direct effects

  • econometric methods to evaluate active labor market programs

  • family policies (such as parental leave and childcare subsidies) and labor market participation

  • incentivizing healthy behaviours (such as regular physical exercise)

  • disability insurance and the labor market


  • Jan 2021: With support from the Ministry of Finance, we have started a project on evaluating the impacts of the 30% tax rule for immigrants in the Netherlands. Using unique data on the beneficiaries of the rule, we will study the effect of the rule on immigration and wages (joint with Massimo Giuliodori and Lisa Timm)

  • Dec 2020: New Discussion Paper available on the work resumption of DI applicants

  • Nov 2020: Our paper on the impact of reminders for increasing physical exercising has been accepted for publication in Experimental Economics.

  • Feb 2020: Our paper on comparing econometric methods for evaluating activation programs has been accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Econometrics

  • July 2019: Our paper on providing occupational advice to job seekers has been published in The Review of Economic Studies, and a summary has been published on Microeconomic Insights