Pledge to #RepYourBlock

It is up to all of us to bring transparency, accountability and democracy back to our local Democratic Party. Together, we can build a party that fights for dignity for all residents in Franklin County. We can transform the party from the ground-up by limiting the influence of big money in politics and creating a fair playing field for everyone to participate.

The Franklin County Grassroots Democrats will support central committee candidates who share our values, our goals for change, and agree to follow our operating principles.

Our Values.

People: We trust in people and our capacity to make decisions for our communities.

Fairness. We work toward a fairer economy and society.

Participation: When democratic participation is small and people are divided, the wealthy and powerful win. When we all come together, we can transform our communities.

Collaboration. We aim to help build a society that embraces new tools and processes for sharing and cooperation.

Sustainability. We help create more sustainable, vibrant, and resilient communities.

Democracy: We believe decision-making should be open, transparent, collaborative, and focused on those who will be most impacted. We aim to rebuild trust in our neighborhoods and provide people with meaningful opportunities to provide feedback and input.

Our Goals for Change.

Build a new majority within the Franklin County Democratic Party.

Democratize the county Democratic Party. When we win a majority, we can build an inclusive and transparent party. We can make sure that we hear from our neighbors before making any major decisions. We will welcome discussion and debate around goals for our neighborhoods and communities.

Cultivate leaders at ALL levels. We’re tired of being told to wait. We can strengthen the party by taking initiative and supporting people to organize and #RepYourBlock.

Redefine what it means to be a Central Committee member. This campaign starts with all of us working to put more power into the hands of everyday residents. That means we need you to do the work of building community in your neighborhood.

Our Operating Principles.

  1. Inclusiveness: Anyone can join if they share our core values and support our purpose and strategy.
  2. Decentralized: We encourage people to take initiative within the boundaries of our purpose and shared goals.
  3. Supportive: Our network exists to support and give power to our members’ actions. Members are encouraged to share each other’s materials (give recognition) and support each other’s campaign actions.
  4. Respect a diversity of tactics: We value that our members serve different communities and use different engagement techniques and communications styles.
  5. Use care: Members should use care when speaking on behalf of the network. Invoking the work of the Franklin County Grassroots Democrats and its members is encouraged.
  6. Own your voice: While all members agree to furthering the cause laid out in our shared purpose, individual members and organizations are not expected to cross-endorse the specific positions of others.