RJ2019: Programme at a glance

Conference theme:

Japanese Games: Past, Present and Future

Since 2012, the Replaying Japan conference series hosted researchers from various fields conducting research on “Japanese Game”. However, for the upcoming edition of the conference, we would like to address a fundamental question.

What are “Japanese games”?

For example, when we talk about our first play experience of “Super Mario Bros.” or “Pokémon” with researchers all over the world, what we mention is a mysterious “shared experience” rather than the “Japaneseness” of these games.

In other words, these games have surpassed domestic circumstances and cultural differences to deliver common surprises and excitement to players all over the world. This universal nature can be said to be the specificity of games as media.

In this conference held in Kyoto this summer, let us again re-think the past and present of “Japanese Game” and examine “Japanese games” and the future of research on the subject.


Main Organizer

  • Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies


  • University of Alberta

  • Leipzig University

  • Bath Spa University

  • Seijoh University

  • DiGRA Japan

Conference Co-Chairs

Akinori NAKAMURA, Ritsumeikan UniversityMartin ROTH, Leipzig UniversityMartin PICARD, Leipzig UniversityMitsuyuki INABA, Ritsumeikan UniversityJames NEWMAN, Bath Spa UniversityGeoffrey ROCKWELL, University of AlbertaRachael HUTCHINSON, University of Delaware

Programme Committee

Keiji AMANO (Programme Committee Chair), Seijoh UniversityShuji WATANABE (Local Commitee Chair), Ritsumeikan UniversityHiroshi YOSHIDA, The University of TokyoKoichi HOSOI, Ritsumeikan UniversityJérémie PELLETIER-GAGNON, University of AlbertaTsugumi (Mimi) OKABE, University of AlbertaKazufumi FUKUDA, Ritsumeikan UniversityAkito INOUE, Ritsumeikan UniversityMuneyuki Takahashi, Ritsumeikan University